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FireVIEW MPR is our DICOM viewer specialized in multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) of tomographic series. With its advanced tools, it enables the visualization and evaluation of the patient’s internal structures from different planes (axial, sagittal and coronal) in a highly interactive way.
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Simultaneous MPR views; axial, sagittal and coronal

Configurable cutting thickness, including projections of MIP, MinIP and VR

– Customized workflow management and display protocols (Hanging Protocols).
– New series generation from any plane
– Measurement, annotation and ROI tools.
– Rotation of Cartesian planes, together and independently, to linearize patient structures
– Co-registration tool and synchronization of volumetric models
– Activation of MPR module on multiple monitors

Oblique, double oblique and curved MPR

Simultaneous display of multiple volume models

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