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Our workstation is an advanced set of DICOM viewers for digital medical imaging ready to run on workstations. It provides an extensive library of tools for image visualization and analysis from different medical disciplines.
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Fire 2D VIEWER is our advanced multimodality DICOM viewer for 2D medical imaging visualization and analysis. It provides image stitching and tomographic series subtraction tools for a complete radiological evaluation and accurate diagnosis based on the comparison and synchronization of medical images with previous patient examination…


Fire MPR is our DICOM viewer specialized in multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) of tomographic series. With its advanced tools, it enables the visualization and evaluation of the patient’s internal structures from different planes (axial, sagittal and coronal) in a highly interactive way.


Our DICOM viewer, Volume 3D, integrates advanced tools for visualizing tomographic series (CT, MR, etc.), 3D reconstruction and volume rendering of medical images. It also enables partitioning of internal structures and organs, as well as 3D printing.

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Fire MAMMO is our DICOM viewer with advanced tools for 2D and 3D assessment of mammography studies (tomosynthesis). It also includes a dedicated workflow manager to optimize the time required for the delivery of digital mammography exams, as well as automatic comparison with the patient’s previous scans.


Fire VASCULAR is our advanced DICOM viewer for the analysis and diagnosis of vascular abnormalities. It includes tools for surgical planning and specific tools for the detection and evaluation of pathologies such as aneurysm, stenosis and calcification.


Fire DENTAL is our DICOM viewer for specialists in dental and maxillofacial surgery.
It provides specific tools for this specialty such as 3D medical image reconstruction, automatic orthopantomography generation and orthoradial panoramic projection.


Fire ORTHO is our advanced DICOM viewer specialized in orthopedics and traumatology. It is equipped with advanced and specific tools for the pre-surgical planning and post-surgical evaluation of hip, knee and shoulder prosthetic implants.


Our DICOM viewer, Fire CARDIO, is designed for the analysis of cardiac studies from XA-DICOM medical imaging. With its advanced tools, it enables the visualization and analysis of cardiovascular pathologies.


Fire NUCLEAR is our advanced DICOM viewer, designed for medical diagnosis from nuclear medicine scanners. It is equipped with advanced tools for viewing and analyzing CT images, medical imaging gammagraphy and positron emission tomography (PET)

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