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Indeed, FireThunder solutions work on Windows, Macintosh and Linux, one browser (Google Chrome is recommended) is sufficient to use the FireThunder software.
FireThunder solutions are designed to be configured according to all specialties, each practitioner can easily configure the semiology and data flow that suits him.
Yes, of course, FireThunder’s solutions can operate in a multi-computer, multi-user network with the advantage of being installed on a single central server with multiple accesses, no additional installation is required to start FireThunder’s solutions in a network.
Absolutely yes, Firethuner’s solutions are developed with the latest technologies, so that  the radiologist can open his secure work session from anywhere outside the center, theoretically his physical presence is not necessary. Equipped with a tablet, he will be able to analyze, process images and produce his reports.
As soon as you make a complaint, one of our technicians will access your computer (after your authorization) and solve your problem quickly. In 99% of cases, the problem is solved remotely within 5 minutes.
During the warranty period (1 year), you are served free of charge 6 days per week, in addition, you benefit from new corrective and evolutionary updates. After the warranty period, it is recommended that the customer sign a maintenance contract with 15% capped at 20,000 dirhams of the acquisition amount. In return for this annual amount, you benefit from: Hotline 6 days per week from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. All updates are installed free of charge. 4 annual trips on site for curative maintenance Priority consideration for new feature recommendations in development releases
Backup is provided automatically and daily at the customer’s preferred time and destination (NAS, external hard drive, Icloud, dropbox, etc.), so your data is at your fingertips forever.
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