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Our dicom viewer online, FireView, provides a fast and reliable way to search, view, analyze and diagnose your medical images and video files on your various devices: computers, tablets and smartphones.

The dicom viewer online FireView has a complete set of radiology tools, which includes regular features such as:

Scroll through series images using the mouse wheel, dragging vertically, or with keyboard shortcuts.

Mark the area of interest with a polyline and measure its surface.

Cine mode playback of multi-frame sequences with support for video search.

Change the measurement scale with the Calibration Line

FireView’s advanced features are :


PET-CT fusion to combine the series of PET and CT types, linking sites of radioactive drug concentrations with the patient's anatomical structure.

Multiplanar reconstruction with coronal or sagittal projections with automatic rotation.

Represents the intersection plans of the selected point on the main study.

FireView’s main support functions are as follows:


Possibility to write a report for a study

Possibility to print an active image

Possibility to anonymize and share studies (via the DICOM library)

Learn more about those and other features that will make your life easier.

FireView offers you the possibility to visualize ophthalmic images from retinal devices, as well as to digitally apply monochrome filters for primary and secondary colors to improve the visual contrast of anatomical details

Fireviewer PRO (3D)

Fireviewer’s 3D option simplifies the reconstruction technique for 3D visual representations of 2D image slices. The technology offers numerous alternative views of the original data using various 3D reconstruction techniques such as MPR and MIP.

Medical video VIEWER

FireView enables you to search, review and analyze your medical videos from ophthalmic devices, microscopes, endoscopes, surgical video cameras, arthroscopes, echoscopes or other medical video sources. The Video Module integrated into Fireview Pro allows you to use PACS as a medical video archive.

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