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FireThunder assists you in the implementation and monitoring of your Teleradiology project by enabling remote medical imaging viewing and interpretation.

In radiology, we distinguish between two different concepts:

  • Telediagnosis consists of evaluating the transmitted images to the radiologist to obtain a primary and definitive diagnosis remotely before transmitting the report.
  • Tele-expertise involves the intervention of a radiologist with a higher level of expertise remotely to lead the examinations to confirm the diagnosis or to share an alternative opinion.

With FireThunder’s teleradiology solution, you can provide your patients with remote consultation despite being physically distant.

Among its advanced features:

  • Remote access for radiologists (partners/tenants) in order to interpret and edit reports.

  • Access management according to the partners’ profile.

  • External partners’ automatic notification regarding the completion of reports.

  • Monitoring the states of the exams and reports performed by the partners.

Discover features among others that will make your life easier.
Teleradiology records

- Remote cooperation between healthcare professionals.
- Workflow personnalisé
- Meeting the needs of teleradiology specialties: CT, MR and CR.


- Scheduling appointments and various teleradiology procedures.
- Remote interpretation of imaging exams in accordance with medical recommendations.


- Scheduling appointments and various teleradiology procedures.
- Automatic transfer of patient records to the doctors.


- Remote organization of multidisciplinary meetingRecording of each videoconference with HD video quality.
- Remote transmission of records to enable collaborative work between specialists

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